Mixpanel’s brand design system

hē-lē-ō-graf | noun

Heliographs are tools used for optical communication. Typically, mirrors are used to reflect sunlight as flashes of light, transmitting Morse code over vast distances.

For us, the heliograph symbolizes our mission to convey our identity to the world and to maintain clear, concise, and easily understood information.


Founded in 2009, Mixpanel was designed to remove the abstractions of data analysis and make it fast and easy to get answers from your data.

We’ve been fortunate to partner with builders across all industries. It has been surreal to witness the progress in the world that came through these companies. New builders are showing up, categories are getting invented, and the pace of change feels faster than before.

We believe in builders — people who endeavor to create and lead change. Whether it’s through building new companies, products, services, brands, or communities.

As we began to widen our vision, it was a moment for us to question the entirety of our brand. Like many companies with over 10 years of history, we sat on many ideas and stories.

It got us to ask: How do we build a brand that champions builders? How might we lower the barriers to analysis and make it unintimidating and inclusive? Where can we improve the experience? What if we did different, bold work that isn’t common in our industry? Why us?